A garden sofa and stool combination which can be arranged in different ways. This rattan garden sofa set offers a lot of flexibility and comes with six cushions. Garden furniture assembly by PD Happy Joinery.

Argos garden sofa assembly

Recently we assembled an Argos garden sofa for one of our new customers. Summer is on the way and our customer bought a comfy rattan garden patio set with six classic cushions and they hired PD Happy Joinery for the furniture assembly.

Image for an article about how to fill in the PD Happy Joinery quote form.

How to complete the quote form

At PD Happy Joinery we stand by our quotes and we are happy to guarantee the quoted price. However we can only guarantee the price when you have given us all correct information about the flat pack you wish us to assemble!
That is why we wrote this article, to help you complete the quote form with all the correct information and make sure the price you receive is also the price you will pay once we have build your furniture.

Here you see the Ikea sideboard with all doors opened and the drawers extended. Each compartement also contains one , height adjustable, shelf for additional statorage. A flat pack assembly by PD Happy Joinery.

An Ikea sideboard assembly

Recently we assembled a sideboard unit for a new customer. The Ikea sideboard had to be assembled in a bedroom on the first floor so after we lifted all the flat-pack furniture packages into the bedroom we got to work and soon we were happy to show our customer his assembled flat-pack furniture piece.



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