Personal information:

When requesting a quote we kindly ask you to add all the requested information, the more information you provide the easier it is for us to contact you about your quote. However, if you prefer, only a few fields are always required for us to be able to give you a fair quote:
Your full name, so we know who to address the quote to.
Your postal code, so we can check wether you are within a 20 mile radius of our location.
Your email address so we can email you your Flat Pack Happy furniture assembly quote.
Please let us know wether you are located in a metered parking area.

To be assembled:

In this field please add all the important information about the furniture you want us to assemble. We rather receive to much information than to little! For example you could add the following:
Add the make of the product, eg Ikea, The Range etc.
Add the model name and product code when available.
Add the url (link) to the product.
Make sure to add the measurements of the product.
List any extra's you bought with the product and which do not come with the product by default.

Additional services:

Here you can choose any of our additional services:
When you do not require any additional services please select 'No additional service required'.
When you have furniture you want us to dismantle/reassemble please select 'Dismantle/Reassemble'.
When you want us to carry the materials to the room where they are to be assembled please select 'Lifting'.
When you have a small job to do in your house select 'Handyman'.
When you would like us to perform a service for you that is not listed please select 'Other'.span>
You can make multiple selections in case you want to make use of multiple of our services.

Additional info:

In this field please add all the important information about the additional services you may have selected. Please feel free to add any information you think is important for us to know with regards to any of the additional services.
In case you do not want to use any of our additional services but have other information you wish to share with us, or you have a question, please feel free to also use this field.

Choose a date and time:

In these fields you have the possibility to add two different dates and times at which it would suit you best for us to come and assemble your furniture. Please understand that we can not guarantee the chosen dates are available. In case a date or time is not available we will communicate that with you and together we can find a date and time at which it will be suitable for everyone.